Happy 6th Anniversary to Me!

Today is the 6th anniversary of the day I started photographing birds. On May 11th 2011, I photographed my first bird – a Brown Thrasher.

Brown Thrasher (2011)

I now have 425 birds on my photographed life list. They are from 4 different countries:

  • Canada (166)
  • Costa Rica (237)
  • Cuba (16)
  • Mexico (6)

The Canadian ones are taken from 3 different provinces:

  • British Columbia (16)
  • Ontario (1)
  • Saskatchewan (149)

My list increased by an amazing 255 birds this last year, largely due to my birding trip to Costa Rica in December. Every year I do a slide show of the birds I’ve photographed in the last year and post it on Youtube. I’m working on this year’s but it may take awhile – to put together and to watch! If you’re interested in past years’ efforts just search “Dianne’s Birds” on Youtube.

And the last bird added this year? A Loggerhead Shrike, that I photographed on a Golden Eagles trip to Redberry Lake yesterday.

Loggerhead Shrike (2017)

I love birding!

Getting Better

With a new lens, more knowledge (thank you Steve!) and more experience, my bird pictures are improving greatly. Now I can replace some of my older pictures with newer better ones. Here are a few examples:

Red-necked Grebe (2017)

Red-necked Grebe (2012)









Red-winged Blackbird (2017)

Red-winged Blackbird (2011)














Green-winged Teal (2011)

Green-winged Teal (2017)


Happy New Lens!

I bought a new lens on Boxing Day, but have been waiting for some blue skies to go out and try it. I finally gave up on that and went for a (short) walk today with my camera, my old lens and my new one. It was chilly and birds were scarce so I ended up just taking a picture of some buildings in the distance. Here’s the original shot:

I took the same shot with both lenses and here are the cropped results:

Old lens

New lens

Happy New Lens to me!