Mystery Birds – Solved!

I was camping in the Meadow Lake Park this last week and went hiking often. I’m just going over my pictures now and I think I’ve identified most of the birds I saw but these four have stumped me. Any suggestions?

Thanks to Alaina and Robert for identifying my mystery birds.

The first one fooled me because I didn’t realize that the underside of Dark-eyed Juncos’ tails were so white!

A juvenile something?

Dark-eyed Junco

I was happy to see that the second one is actually a new bird for me.

Some kind of wren?

Chestnut-sided Warbler

The third one is a juvenile example of the first one.


Dark-eyed Junco (juvenile)

The last one is one I’ve only ever seen from the front before.

Not a good picture, so maybe not identifiable?

Red-eyed Vireo

That’s what I love about the Saskatchewan birding community – so many people that are so generous with their expertise. Thanks again!



Another new bird… I think

I saw this one on one of my noon hour walks at school. It sounded warblerish, but I’m wondering if it might be a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Any help gratefully appreciated.


Mystery Solved

Thanks to my friend and fellow birder, Gillian Richardson, I FINALLY found out what the bird was that I’ve been chasing unsuccessfully all summer! I heard it in the city, I heard it at the lake, and I heard it at Cypress Hills last weekend. It was like it was taunting me! I knew it was a common bird because I’d heard it everywhere, but was never able to get a picture to figure out what it was! When Jill asked me what it sounded like, I told her it was what I thought the offspring of Donald Duck and the Roadrunner would sound like – a cross between a quack and a beep. That didn’t help her. 🙂 So we both kept our ears pealed and late Saturday afternoon we finally heard it! And of course, Jill knew what it was right away – a Red-Breasted Nuthatch. For little birds they certainly have a big voice!

Jill says it’s often called the “yank-yank” bird, because of the sound it makes. So you won’t have to wonder what the heck is making that sound, here’s a clip from the Macaulay Library at Cornell University.

Red-breasted Nuthatch Song