Bird ID help – Asked and Answered

UPDATE: Two out of three’s not bad! Rather than semipalmated sandpipers, the first three pictures are of Sanderlings – the first two in non-breeding plumage and the third in breeding plumage. I got the Tennessee Warbler and the Swainson’s Thrush right. Thanks to Richard and Stan for their help.

A rainy day is a good day to go through the pictures I’ve taken lately. And once again I’m asking for help.

The first three I think are semipalmated sandpipers, but I’m not sure. I’m going by the black legs and lack of marking on the chest. I do have a question as well – one (the third picture) seems much darker than the other. Is this because it’s wet? Or is it a male/female difference? ???? ???? ????

The next one I think is a Tennessee Warbler. I think I see a line through it’s eye, but it could just be shadow, or my vivid imagination. 🙂

??? tennessee warbler

And the last one I think is a Swainson’s Thrush because of the eye ring and buffy extension on to the face (spectacles).

??? thrush


Any help is appreciated. I’ve learned so much from the SK Birds group already. Thanks.

The “Hawk of Some Kind” is a Northern Harrier

I’m horrible at ID-ing hawks. Here’s one I saw yesterday. My guess was that it’s a red-tail, but it doesn’t have a red tail! I’d love to hear from anyone what kind of hawk it is, and how you know. Eventually, I’ll learn. Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: Thanks for your help Marcia & Adele. It’s a Northern Harrier.

??? hawk ??? hawk ??? hawk

Bird ID Help Needed

To all you birders out there: Is this a Yellowlegs or a Solitary Sandpiper? I’m guessing Solitary, because of the bold white eye ring, but its legs sure look yellow, but are they long enough and yellow enough… Help?