Martensville Shopping Extravaganza

IMG_2024Last Saturday was the second annual Martensville Shopping Extravaganza, a craft/trade fair. I missed out getting a table last year, but this year I was a little more organized and had a table to sell my books. It was great! I sold some books, I saw people I hadn’t seen for awhile (now that my kids are grown, I don’t run into people at the school or the rink like I used to), and I knitted 3/4 of a dishcloth!



Todd Devonshire

My table neighbour was Todd Devonshire, another Martensville author. He wrote Rink Burgers. I traded him a couple of my books for his son for his book and look forward to reading it.

Our tables were across from a table that was selling a certain line of product (which I will leave unnamed). They had three signs up behind their table with different taglines. The one that stood out for me was “One less french fry, One more multivitamin.” Really? That’s a selling point? All it made me do was crave french fries all day!

Will I go back next year? Probably. Like I said, it was nice to see old friends and acquaintances. Plus, knowing me, when else am I going to get that dishcloth finished? 🙂