Hallelujah to that!

I love Easter for a lot of reasons:

  • Lent is over. This year I gave up tea. What was I thinking? 🙂 It wasn’t the caffeine I missed, because I only drink tea that’s caffeine-free, but the actual drinking of the tea. I find it calming. So what did I do instead? Meditate? No. Exercise? No. Snack? Unfortunately, yes. Oh well, I always figure Lent is a time to learn something about yourself. I learned that I eat less if I drink tea. And after so long without tea – does it ever taste good! Hallelujah to that!
  • Winter is over. No matter how long Old Man Winter tried to hang around this year, Easter officially kicks him to the curb. The sun is up earlier and sets later every day. The snow is finally melting. Hallelujah to that!
  • The birds are on their way back. A friend saw some Horned Larks in the Dundurn area yesterday. I haven’t seen any returnees yet, but I love going out walking with the possibility of seeing them. Especially the first Robin. Hallelujah to that!
  • It reminds me there is always hope. No matter how dark things look, how far from our plans life may have thrown us, Easter says there is hope. Hallelujah to that!
  • We get to say Hallelujah! a lot. There’s a word we don’t say enough, I think. I look around and see how blessed I am, and I can’t help but say Hallelujah! Next time I think I have something to complain about, maybe I’ll just say Hallelujah! instead. Hallelujah to that!