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Sixty is not old, right?

To celebrate turning sixty, Dianne Young decided to spend the year doing 60 things she’d never done before. This is the story of her adventures–shaving her head, skydiving, visiting a nudist camp, and 57 other intriguing first-evers. It’s funny, it’s informative, and it might even inspire you to start your own list! Just don’t try haggis. Seriously. Just don’t.

Website Update #2

With the upcoming release of my newest book 60 Things: A Year To Remember, I decided to post all my 60things photos here on my website. Then I added the book to My Books, and seeing what a mishmash that page had become, I redid it.

Here’s a link to the photos: 60 things

And here’s a link to my books: My Books

And here’s the cover of my newest book! (designed by the amazing Olivia Swerhone-Wick)