A look back and forward

I usually do this post between Christmas and New Year’s but was busy finishing my PreCalc class then. I wrote the final today, so it’s time to review 2017 and look ahead to 2018.

It was a very good year. Lots of adventures, lots of time with friends, lots of learning.

  • In February, I travelled to Cuernavaca, Mexico with a group from church on a social justice learning experience. It was amazing, and definitely a life-changer. Before flying home I went over to Mazatlan to visit my friends Myrna and Glen on their last winter retreat. A wonderfully relaxing time.
  • While I was in Mazatlan, I decided to go online and check out what dogs were available for adoption. Just looking. The plan was to wait until the end of July before getting a dog, but then I saw this picture:

How could I resist? On February 28th Posey moved in. Love her to bits.

  • It was about this time that I called the school board and told them to take me off the sub list. I was saying no every time they called anyway. Retirement is awesome!
  • In June, I went on a tour of Newfoundland with my friends Jo and Judy. It was a fabulous trip! I was hoping to see icebergs, whales and puffins.

Mission accomplished!

  • July brought my last retirement year trip – a bus tour to Haida Gwaii with my friend Betty Lou. We had a lot of great adventures (and misadventures) and laughs together.
  • It was while I was on the ferry to Haida Gwaii that I got a call from a publisher offering me a contract to publish a story of mine as the first Pickles children’s book, with creator Brian Crane. So exciting!
  • In August, Posey and I went camping at Kimball Lake for 9 days. We both loved it.
  • In August, I also started the final push to solicit letters from widows for a book that will be out this year. Now that my PreCalc class is done, it’s full steam ahead on it!
  • I signed up for two classes at the end of August PreCalc 30 and hula hooping. Unfortunately the hula hooping class was cancelled due to a lack of participants. (I know – I couldn’t believe it either!)
  • In September I joined Weight Watchers because it was time to shed some poundage. I’ve reached half my goal so far, and have much more energy now.
  • In November, I traveled to Toronto for a weekend conference for widows. It was very good. Exhausting, but very good.

So what’s up for 2018?

  • Calc 30
  • Dear Me: The Widow Letters will be out this spring.
  • Camping at Kimball Lake this summer.
  • The Pickles book will be out this fall.
  • Another birding trip with my friends Adele and Ray, this time to Ecuador! (December)

Despite having the occasional widow panic attack (I can’t do this alone!), my confidence in myself is growing. I feel Bill with me often, which now can bring smiles as well as tears. Love lives on. Life is good.

May 2018 bring you joy and adventures!