Looking Back at 2012

Usually I take time between Christmas and New Year’s to look back at the year that was, but somehow just never got around to it this time until today. I like to look backward at the old year before I look forward into the new year. Sometimes I get too caught up in my TO DO list, instead of appreciating my I DID list. So here’s my I DID list for 2012:

  • I turned 53 in February. Yay me!
  • I launched Dear Flyary, my fifth book, in March. I first wrote this book over 16 years ago!
  • I saw a foot doctor in May for the first time, and over the course of a few months, got orthotics and cleared up the foot problems that had been plaguing me for over a year. Yay Dr. Davies in Warman!
  • I went to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan for the first time in July. I’m not a huge Shakespeare fan but it was interesting.
  • I took Kayaking lessons in June. Loved it!
  • I spent another wonderful week at a writing retreat in Bruno in July.
  • I spent four glorious days tenting at Kimball Lake in August.
  • I changed schools at the end of August. I’m now at College Park.
  • I went to Cypress Hills for the first time in September with my fabulous writing group, the Robins.
  • I saw my second musical, Jersey Boys, in October. It was great!
  • I saw Lawrence of Arabia in the theatre in November. it was also great!
  • I went on my first and second ever Christmas Bird Counts in December. The first was in the Clark’s Crossing area on Dec. the 15th and the second was in the University area in Saskatoon on Boxing Day. (That was a cold one!)
  • I photographed over 50 new-to-me birds in 2012 and over 5 new-to-me butterflies. (Numbers aren’t exact because I’m still going through the pictures.)

So overall, I’d say it was a great year! Of course, not every day was a picnic, but it’s the picnics I choose to remember. Why not? 🙂