Illogical Reality

Dear Me: The Widow Letters will be officially launched this Thursday. I am very pleased with how the book turned out. I am grateful to all the women who submitted letters, whether they made it into the book or not. I think it’s an important book and hope it will be helpful to widows and to those who know widows.

That’s the reality.

This is my 6th book. This will be the first one I have launched without Bill there. This is where it gets illogical. My brain knows that if Bill were able to be at the launch, then the book would not have happened. Unfortunately, my heart doesn’t care what my brain knows. The closer I get to the launch the more I cry. And that’s okay. I really am looking forward to it, and I know I will get through it. It’s just hard.

To help me, I’ll be wearing Bill’s shirt. It’s the closest thing I have to having his arms around me. And in my heart, I know he will be there.

Love lives on.


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  1. HI: I caught your interview this afternoon on CBC Radio. As a windower of just over a year I was brought to tears,once again,by the few comments from the letters written by the widows. Especially about wishing and wanting other people to mention Charmaine to me. I;ve told them that even though it might make me and them cry it helps to know that other’s miss her as much as I.
    I will be looking forward to reading your book. Hmm maybe the sequel will be from other widowers.
    Together Alone

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