Mixed Emotions


I picked up the books from the printer today.

I’m happy that I made this book.

I’m sad that I was able to.

I’m happy that it’s done.

I’m sad that Bill’s not here to celebrate with me.

Definitely a day of mixed emotions.

But to Bill, and Jim, and Russell, and Michael, and Ken, and Randy, and Allen, and Ken, and Garrett, and Jerry, and Rob, and Ray, and Frank, and Andy, and Harold, and Al, and Ginette, and Norman, and Lloyd, and Ken – thank you for your love. You are in our hearts forever.

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  1. Congrats on completing this very worthwhile project! I am sorry you had this project in your life! This book, I am sure, will be a support to many as they are faced with the challenges of a life altering loss!

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