Symphony Sale Treasures

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE the Symphony Book and Music Sale! I went today and as usual found some wonderful treasures.

First the most expensive thing I bought – but TOTALLY worth it! $15 for this early Dick and Jane reader.














The next most expensive was this DVD set ($10):

How freakin’ cool is that!!!


I paid $5 each for these two 10″ albums:


















I love Burl Ives’s voice.


This next treasure I got for $3. It’s from November 1957!



Another $3 treasure was this children’s book. I’ve included today’s rhyme for your reading enjoyment.




















For $2.50 I acquired the first book in the second Griffin and Sabine trilogy. I have the first trilogy already. I guess I should actually get around to reading them one of these days! šŸ™‚


Next come the $2 treasures:

At $2, that works out to less than 16Ā¢ an hour! For Alfred Hitchcock!



Another old reader. I mean, for $2, why not? It was published in 1922.



And this 2-record (78 rpm) set, that I remember fondly from my childhood. It goes perfectly with the Cinderella version I bought last year.



An old song book for $1.25:

“109 Two-Part and Three-Part Songs For Grades 5 to 8”

I couldn’t turn down this self-help book for only $1. It was published in 1911!

And last but not least, again for $1 – this magazineĀ from April 1953. What a treasure!

I can’t wait to start examining my new treasures. I’ll be sure to share the good bits!

The Symphony Book and Music Sale is on until April 29th. You should go find some treasures, too!

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  1. I loved The Flying Nun!

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