Days 0-3 Mammals

So many pictures! So many birds! I can’t keep up! And I love it! (Okay, enough with the exclamation marks, Dianne – they get the point.)

Last night we had a rainstorm like I have never experienced. “It poured” hardly covers it. But no wind, so it came straight down. We were sitting in the dining area which is covered but has no walls and did not get wet. And the thunder and lightning – wow! With no walls to dim the sound it was LOUD! The power went out for awhile, but not too long.

I’m taking around 500 pictures a day, and we’re out birding from about 6 a.m. to about 5 p.m. each day so needless to say I’m falling a little behind going through my pictures. I probably discard 90% of them, but it takes time to look at them all and decide what stays and what goes. So for today, here are a few mammals we’ve seen since we got here:

Variegated Squirrel

Collared Peccary

Central American Spider Monkey

Brown-throated Sloth




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