The three honk solution

cell-phone-clipart-cell-phone-clip-art-13-jpg-ggpkqx-clipartI’ve been giving this a lot of thought. Distracted driving, especially because of the use of cell phones, is killing people. The police are doing what they can. The lawmakers are doing what they can. But fines and penalties don’t seem to be doing the trick. So maybe it’s time we, as a community who cares, need to try┬ásomething new.

I think one of the reasons people use their phones while driving is the same reason others pick their noses while driving (yeah, we’ve all seen it). It’s the invisibility factor of being in a car. It’s why I sing along to the radio while I’m driving, but don’t do it walking down the street.

So what if we, as a community who cares, said “we see you”. Would that pull people out of their false invisibility mode for long enough for them to realize the danger of what they are doing and put their phones down? Maybe.

So, for the month of December, if I’m out driving and I see someone driving and using their phone, I’m going to give them three short honks – and a nod. “I-see-you.” Not in anger, but with compassion.

What if we all did it? What if people began to understand that if they hear 3 short honks, it’s a reminder to put down their phones and focus on their driving. A reminder from someone who cares enough to mention it.

What if it makes a difference?

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