More Book Sale Treasures

The Saskatoon Symphony has started having an overstock sale in November. Bless their hearts! I can go treasure hunting twice a year now!

Here are my latest finds:

Canadian Who’s Who (2004)
For $2.00 I can afford to feed my vanity. 🙂
Hutchinson’s Pictorial Encyclopaedia
Published Weekly in the 1930’s for 25 cents each, I got the complete set of 80 magazines for $20 – which is what they would have cost when they first came out! I can hardly wait to dive into these.
Jesus Christ Superstar
The two-album set for $2.00. Couldn’t resist.
The Barra MacNeils Christmas Album II
I try to buy one new Christmas CD every year. This year’s was only $1.00!
Once again I’m happy with my treasures from the Symphony Book and Music Sale. You should check it out! Tomorrow (Sunday November 20th) is the last day. It’s open from noon until 5:00 p.m.

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