Saskatchewan Photography Challenge

A fellow amateur photographer/birder (thanks Alaina!) invited me to join a new facebook group – Saskatchewan Photography Challenge and I’m loving it! Each week the host (Ryan Wingfield) presents a new challenge. Rules are simple – your picture has to be taken that week and has to be taken in Saskatchewan.

I love that it’s making me get out and take pictures, and I love seeing other people’s entries. I feel I’ve learned a lot already and we’re only on week four! Check it out if you’d like to join (Saskatchewan Photography Challenge) or even if you’d just like to see some amazing photos.

It feels great to be creating again! Who knows, next thing you know I might even get back to writing! 🙂

Here are my entries to date:


Challenge 1 – Reflections



Challenge #2 – Leading Lines

Leading Lines


Challenge #3 – 50mm Landscape

50mm Landscape


Challenge #4 – Outdoor Panorama



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