Monday Memory

(hahaha I think it’s hilarious that I “forgot” to write a Monday Memory yesterday!)

My First Celebrity Crush

David Cassidy“I Think I Love You” – yes, I knew all the words (and still do, I realized, after hearing it on satellite radio last week).

David Cassidy was “the” teen idol for me and all the other grade 6 girls I knew. Every month I raced down to Madill’s Drug Store to see if the new edition of Tiger Beat was in. I watched the show (The Partridge Family), I bought the records. I dreamed that his eyes shone for me, that he was smiling at me, that he tossed his hair just for me.

I’m kind of glad we didn’t have the internet or the twitterverse then. David probably got in trouble now and then,  but we didn’t hear about it 5 minutes after it happened, or at all. We imagined he was perfect, we imagined we loved him, and we imagined he could love us. And that was enough.

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