Monday Memory

Snow Day

I was in Grade Eight at Jonas Samson Junior High in Meadow Lake. It had snowed a lot that winter. A lot a lot. An announcement came over the intercom that it was very important that there was to be no shouting and yelling after hearing the announcement. Too much snow had accumulated on the roof, and some of the ceilings were bowing with the weight. If we were too loud, they feared there could be a collapse. We were to quietly get our jackets and leave. We were being sent home! Keeping the “YAY!!!” in was like trying to push a ping pong ball under water. Even if you normally wouldn’t have cheered, just the fact that you couldn’t made you want to. Our shouts of joy burbled inside our chests until we could get out the doors and onto the street where they could be safely released. It was sunny and warm and school was cancelled. YAY!!! Best snow day ever.

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