Monday Memory

On this frigid January morning, I remember summer.

I remember slathering on sunscreen so the hot hot sun would not burn my skin. I remember going for an early morning swim in Martensville’s outdoor pool or in Kimball Lake – a great way to start the day. I remember the smell of freshly cut grass and the balancing act of cutting it before it got too hot out and not waking up neighbours who might be sleeping in. I remember sitting on the deck in the shade drinking a beer and clam. I remember the smell of bug spray. I remember eating ice cream on a hot day to cool down. (I also remember eating ice cream on a cool day just because it was summer!) I remember the black steering wheel in my car being almost too hot to hold on to. I remember early mornings and long evenings full of light. I remember green.

Only 165 more days until summer returns! Stay warm!

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