November is Picture Book Month!

I did not know that picture books had a month, but I’m glad they do! I LOVE picture books – I love reading them, I love writing them.

My favourite picture book as a child was Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. I never owned it as a child, but friends of my parents owned a whole set of Dr. Seuss books. I was so jealous. Whenever we visited them, rather than play outisde with their daughter who was a year or two older than me, I would say I had to go to the bathroom and sneak into the living room (the parents always sat around the kitchen table visiting) and curl up by the book case that had the Dr. Seuss books on it and read. Until I’d get found out and kicked back outside. 🙂

My current favourite picture (by someone other than me) is Mr. Zinger’s Hat by Cary Fagan. Love love love it! It should be required reading for every writer. Get thee to a library and check it out! Or buy it for your very own so you can read it over and over and over…

I SURE WOULD LIKE A COPY FOR CHRISTMAS! Bill? Greg? Troy? (What do you think – too subtle?)

So what was your favourite picture book as a child? Do you have a current favourite?


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  1. Waterhole by Graeme Base
    It has the most amazing pictures. Each page has hidden animals in the picture. It is awesome

  2. This book didn’t have amazing pictures, but I loved a book called Mickey’s Magnet…mainly because it had a small bar magnet taped on the inside cover waiting to be experimented with.

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