Do you have Sitzfleisch? If you’re a writer, you probably do, or at least you wish you did.

According to, Sitzfleisch is:

1. The ability to sit through or tolerate something boring.
2. The ability to endure or persist in a task.

In other words (#2), to park your butt in the chair and get it done. I first read about it here.

I am working on becoming more consistent in my writing practice, so I think it’s great that a cool word has appeared to describe exactly what I need exactly when I need it! “When the student is ready…” as they say.

The blog post also talks about ways to get going when you first sit down to write. What works best for me is to stop the previous session with one change left that I want to make, or with one idea left to add or start. I just highlight the area or jot down the idea and leave it. That makes starting the next time much easier.

I’d love to hear what works for you.



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  1. Today I discovered something else that works. “Real creative work comes from a quiet place,” said DeSanti. We may need the noise, that “conversation with the world,” as Ozeki put it, at the start of a project. “But at the end I need quiet to dig in.”Check it out here. Love this contemplative perspective – Ditto!

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