Kimball Lake 2013





Yesterday I returned from five days camping at my favourite lake (Kimball Lake in the Meadow Lake Park). It was wonderful. The pictures above spell out more than my name, they spell out some of the activities I enjoy every year I go there.

D – chopping wood. I love the sound it makes. I love the feeling of power there is in wielding an ax. I love that my brother-in-law Don splits the big logs, and the only chopping I have to do is for kindling. I love that I didn’t chop me!

I – hiking. There are lots of well-marked hiking trails in the Park. This year I did my annual hike around Raspberry Lake as well as the Hay Meadow Trail at Greig Lake and the White Birch Trail at Flotten Lake.

A – my tent. It’s easy to set up and just the right size for me and my stuff. Easy to set up and take down. Best of all, I LOVE sleeping in a tent.

N – sitting by the fire. The crackling wood, the evening glow, the warmth, the smell of burning wood – what’s not to like about a campfire? Plus you can make letters with kindling!

N – the trees. Even when they’ve split and fallen from lightning or disease or old age. And being at the lake wouldn’t be complete without the sound of the wind whispering through the trees.

E – playing Bananagrams. It’s a great word game I love to play with my sister (and my nieces) each year at the lake. We also play a card game called Nerds. Bananas, Nerds – if you think we’re a bit crazy, you could be right!

The other thing I love at Kimball Lake is the beach and the water. Especially first thing in the morning when I have both to myself for an early morning swim.


(This will be my screensaver to get me through to my return next summer.)

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