Today I went out to Wanuskewin.IMG_1008

I hiked around on the trails for about 4 hours. It was great.


Although I didn’t see any new birds, I did add two butterflies to my list:


Common Wood Nymph


Cabbage White

Plus I came across Dr. Ernie Walker and Dr. Glenn Stuart from the University of Saskatchewan who were working on an archeological dig site.


Dr. Ernie Walker (left) and Dr. Glenn Stuart (right)

They showed me two fire pits they have uncovered.

IMG_1065The one in the foreground is approximately 4000 years old! No, that’s not a typo – 4000! The one in the background is newer because it’s not buried as deep. They’ve actually found 4 different fire pits at this site, at different levels, which means people continued to return to this site for thousands of years. Perhaps because it’s in a valley and therefore more sheltered, especially for winter. But we’ll never really know. I thought it was really interesting. Now I’ve added working at an archeology dig to my to do list!

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