Happy Second Anniversary To Me!

Yesterday was the second anniversary of my becoming a birder. Two years ago I took my first picture of a bird – a Brown Thrasher.

DSCN0003cropNot a great picture, I know, but that doesn’t matter – the first is always special.

A new camera, a photography class and 2 years of experience and ta da! Here’s the last new bird I photographed in my second year – a Western Grebe.


Over the first year, I photographed (and identified) 77 birds. I made a slide show if you want to see them. In my second year I’ve added another 32 to my list. Here’s the slide show from Year 2.

It’s fun to keep track of how many new birds I’ve seen, but the numbers aren’t really important. I truly love going for a walk just to see what birds I can find. It’s exciting! You never know what you might see around the next corner. Plus I’ve found a wonderful community of birders who are happy to share their knowledge and expertise. Thank you to them, and Happy Anniversary to me!

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  1. Happy anniversary, Dianne! I love your photos–will have to see if the class you took is every offered close to me. 🙂

  2. Happy ANniversary!

    Too Cool, whats the new camera? And where abouts did you take a class? Ive been looking for one…

    LOVE the pic of the Grebe!

  3. Alaina, the camera is a Canon Rebel T3. The class I took was from David Fahie. He gave a class out here in Martensville this spring. It was great.

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