Dianne’s Excellent Northern Adventure – Day 6

[Income tax is done – now I can finish telling you about my adventure.]

Now that we’re done flying, Harriet joins me for the rest of the tour. We drive about 100 km north of La Ronge to Grandmother’s Bay, a community of about 300. The school library is small, but we manage to pack all the kids (and the teachers) in. Despite being a bit crowded, it was great! A nice start to my last day of readings.

We returned to La Ronge for lunch and then drove about 30 km north to Sucker River, also known by its Cree name – Nemeiben River. It’s a community of about 300, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending to the day and the tour. I spoke to the grade 5’s and 6’s. I was a little worried at first, as the grade 6’s decided they wanted to stand rather than sit. But it wasn’t a problem and they felt more comfortable having that bit of control. The kids had all read my books, so I had time to share the “secrets” of each book with them. They were interested and had lots of questions. Anthony was my favourite – a bright-eyed boy in grade 5 who took in every word and was bursting with great questions. I think he might be a challenge in the classroom though, as when I complimented him afterwards for paying such close attention and having such great questions, the teacher commented to him something like “See? You can sit still!”  🙂

from Robertson's Trading

from Robertson’s Trading

Once I was dropped off at the hotel, I decided to walk down to Roberson’s Trading. Kathy had said to make sure to check it out if I had time.) It’s a general store with all kinds of animal heads and stuffed animals on display. They also had groceries and lots of leather goods and souvenirs. I almost bought a bead loom, but managed to calm my “7” tendency (enneagram classification – 7’s tend to want to jump in and try something new every chance they get) and bought a lovely beaded key chain instead. There’s hope for me yet!



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