Dianne’s Excellent Northern Adventure – Day 1 (plus a week)

[I didn’t take my laptop with me on my trip, (thank goodness, as I just discovered my battery is kaput, lasting a whole 4 minutes from full charge to dead) but I kept a pen & paper journal. So I’m going to post it day by day a week late.]

I’m writing this on board the bus to P.A. I often road this bus years ago (let’s see: 2013-1978= WOW! 35 years ago!) when I first moved to Saskatoon from P.A. The only difference is that I’m not hauling a suitcase full of dirty laundry this time. 🙂

35 years ago… Sorry, I still can’t get over that it’s been that long. I won’t say that it seems like yesterday, but maybe last week.

In typical me-style, I got to the bus depot early so I could get a good seat, then pulled out a new book to start and got so engrossed in it, I never noticed the big line of people lining up behind where I was sitting until I got to the end of a chapter. Oops! No worries though. I got a good seat – middle of the bus, ditch-side (as opposed to driver’s side).

The books is a collection of letters by E.B. White (probably most famous for writing Charlotte’s Web). I love it! I’ll have to pass it on to my friend Paula when I’m done. She’s a rare modern-day pen-and-paper letter writer. I know she’d love it, too.

So I have a book, I have a sudoku puzzle book. I’m good to go.

One thing I don’t have – and I’m almost embarrassed to admit how glad I am that I don’t – is someone sitting in the seat next to me. It’s not that I’m anti-social, but this is me time. Just leave me alone and let me read, or do my puzzles, or stare into space. Now, if someone does sit next to me, I’ll be polite, even sociable. But I hope no one does. Especially not a “Chatty Cathy”. (And it’s not just because I’m old. I felt the same on my bus rides to P.A. 35 years ago.)

[After a one hour stop in P.A. we carried on to La Ronge – the farthest north I’d ever been at that point. I was met at the bus depot in La Ronge by Harriet Roy – the organizer of this amazing tour – and dropped off at the Harbour Inn for the night.]


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