Eclectic’s Dream

Recently the stereo in my car conked out. 🙁 My husband has had satellite radio in his vehicle for a couple of years now and loves it, so I decided to go with that when I replaced my stereo. My husband is usually tuned in to oldies rock. I’m more eclectic. How eclectic? Well, I’ve preset 9 stations so far and they are:

  1. Blues
  2. Music from the 40’s
  3. Music from the 70’s (it’s kind of scary how I know most of the words)
  4. Elvis
  5. Bluegrass
  6. Classic radio shows
  7. Comedy
  8. Latin music
  9. Classical

So many choices! Who knew driving could be so much fun! (“It’s okay, honey. I’ll run that errand. Really! I don’t mind!”)

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