Kimball Lake

I went camping at Kimball Lake this week. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh… It restores my soul. Did some hiking – around Little Raspberry Lake (about 3 hours) and around Vivian Lake (about 2 hours). Did some swimming – once I got in, that is (funny but I don’t remember it taking me so long to get into the water when I was younger!) Did some reading – by the campfire. Did some playing – Bananagrams with my sister and nieces. Did some sleeping – in my tent (my sister and niece were both there in their trailers and didn’t get that I preferred to sleep in my tent). Did some eating – roasting smokies and cooking Kraft Dinner (yum!). And of course, did some birding. Three new birds for my list and a butterfly I haven’t identified yet. All in all, an excellent few days!

Red-eyed Vireo

Common Loon

Sharp-tailed Grouse

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