I really enjoy doing readings. I have spoken to a wide range of grades – from Kindergarten classes to Grade 8’s. Also, I’m retired now so no longer have to limit my readings to Education Week.

My readings are approximately an hour long, and include a reading of at least one of my books and a presentation on how books are made, tailored to the age of the group.

Because I write picture books I prefer a group of not more than 50 at a time. It’s important that the kids can be close enough to see the pictures, and this is difficult with larger groups. I also prefer that the group be approximately of the same grade level.

My rates are as follows:

Per reading (45-60 minutes)……………………$175*

Per half-day (2 readings)………………………..$300*

Per full day (4 readings)………………………….$600*

*plus mileage (37.5¢/km)

If lunch or overnight accommodation is needed, that would also be your responsibility.

Partial funding may be available through the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, The Writers Union of Canada or the Canada Council.

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  1. Hello there Dianne,

    I would like to ask if you might do a reading at our school one afternoon, in the week prior to Easter break. We are hosting a book fair, and would like to have you visit our elementary students, and parents too. Would this be a possibility?
    Connie Molnar
    Lord Asquith School

  2. Because I also work in a school, it is difficult for me to take time off to do readings. I usually only do readings during Education Week. Thanks for thinking of me, but sorry.

  3. Would you be available, next Education Week, 2013?

  4. Sure!

  5. I was looking at SWG and was wondering if it was to late for this October (Education Week)to have a reading? We have about 275 kids in our elementary school (K-4)

  6. Unfortunately I am not available for readings this fall. Thanks for thinking of me, though.

  7. Good Morning Diane,
    I live at Birch Hill and was wondering if you would be able to do a reading at our school this October, during Library Week? Actually we may request 2 readings.

    Maxine Cromartie

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