Mixed Emotions


I picked up the books from the printer today.

I’m happy that I made this book.

I’m sad that I was able to.

I’m happy that it’s done.

I’m sad that Bill’s not here to celebrate with me.

Definitely a day of mixed emotions.

But to Bill, and Jim, and Russell, and Michael, and Ken, and Randy, and Allen, and Ken, and Garrett, and Jerry, and Rob, and Ray, and Frank, and Andy, and Harold, and Al, and Ginette, and Norman, and Lloyd, and Ken – thank you for your love. You are in our hearts forever.

Taking Back My Birthday

Since Bill died, my birthday has become the saddest day of my year. That surprised me. But I missed him so much I just wanted to crawl under the covers and cry the day away.

This year I decided I had to do something about this. If I didn’t, then my birthday would remain a sad day and that just didn’t seem right.

So I held a different version of a surprise party. I invited some friends to a dessert potluck. The surprise was that I didn’t tell them that I also hired Karla Kloeble┬áto come and try to teach us to hula hoop! It was a blast! Thanks to my friends who attended and to all my friends who sent birthday wishes today as well. I am blessed.

So I feel like I’ve reclaimed my birthday. This doesn’t mean that I’m “over” Bill’s death, or that I’m “moving on”. It just means that I chose to find some joy in this day. And now I will go to bed, crawl under the covers and cry myself to sleep. I still miss him so much.

But I bet you’re wondering if I got my birthday wish and succeeded in hula hooping, aren’t you? Judge for yourself:

The Power of 100

Last night I was thrilled to be a part of an amazing community who donated over $15,000 to The Lighthouse Supported Living. How? Well, let me tell you…

100 Women Who Care is a community of women who meet 4 times a year. About a month before the meeting, members can nominate a non-profit organization for funding. Three nominations are then drawn out of a hat and offered a chance to present at the next meeting. At the meeting, members hear a short presentation from each of the three nominated non-profits, and then the members vote by secret ballot. Whichever organization gets the most votes, wins. What do they win? Every member donates $100 to them!

This was only my second meeting, and I was so happy that my nominated organization, The Lighthouse Supported Living, was chosen as one of the three to present, and then received the most votes.

What a fantastic way to raise money! With four meetings a year, and a $100 donation each time (whether or not you can make it to the meeting), it works out to donating $400/year. That’s less than $8 a week! And yes, you do get a tax receipt for each donation.

If you would like to join this amazing community of women, check out their website – 100 Women Who Care. Or if you want to know more, just ask me – I love to talk about them!

There is also a men’s group – 100 Men Who Give a Damn. AND a kid’s group for ages 5-17 (who donate $10 each at their meetings) – 100 Kids Who Care.

Together we can make great things happen!