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A look back and forward – 2018

It’s the last day of 2018, so time to look back at what has been an amazing year, and to look forward to what might happen in 2019.


  • I passed Calculus 30! I didn’t get it at all the first time I took it in first year university MANY years ago, and it always bothered me. So I had told myself, that someday when I retired, I would try again and succeed. And I did! Yay me!
  • I learned to hula hoop! (Another thing I’d never been able to do, but was determined to someday.) I hired a teacher for myself and a group of friends on my birthday. It was a blast!
  • I learned to play pickleball! It’s great and will give me something to do in the winter.
  • I started a 2-year course in Lay Worship Leadership. It’s really interesting and it led me to giving my first service on Dec. 30th.


  • I had two books come out this year! Dear Me: The Widow Letters which I self-published through Driver Works Ink in Regina, and Grampa, Will You Tell Me a Story?, the first Pickles children’s book, which was published by Baobab Press in Nevada.


  • I visited my son and his partner in Oregon this spring and stopped in to visit Bill’s cousin and his wife at Kootenay Lake on the way home. Very heartwarming.
  • I went to St. Peter’s in Muenster for a writer’s retreat this summer. Very productive.
  • Posey and I went to Kimball Lake for a week in August. Very relaxing.
  • I went with my friends Adele and Ray to Ecuador for 2 weeks of birding in December. Very awesome!


  • Performers I saw this year included Tom Cochrane, Matt Anderson, Michael Kaeshammer, Melissa Etheridge, and the Saskatoon Symphony (doing the music of Harry Potter).
  • The 1st (Annual, I hope!) Saturday Morning All You Can Eat Cereal Cartoon Party at the Broadway was soooo much fun!
  • I ran (?) 10K in the Saskatchewan Marathon.


A pretty darn good year, I’d say!

So what’s new for 2019?

  • I turn 60! To celebrate I’m going to try 60 new things throughout the year. Wish me luck! Should be fun.
  • I have a wack of bird pictures from Ecuador to go through. That should take a good part of 2019!
  • I’m going to work on another anthology – Dear Me: The Mother Letters, written by women who have experienced the death of their child.
  • I’m going to visit the Yukon with my friend Myrna. She’s calling it the MAD Adventure (Myrna And Dianne). I just hope it doesn’t turn into the DAM Adventure!
  • I’m going to see one of my favourite bands – Lighthouse!


I continue to put one foot in front of the other without Bill. It’s been four years, and somehow I still can’t really believe he’s gone. And in a way, he isn’t. Love lives on, and for that I’m grateful.

Happy New Year!


Ecuador – Day 0

Arrived in Quito at about 11:00 last night. Today is our day to relax before our tour starts tomorrow. Nevertheless, we did see some amazing birds already this morning!

Golden Grosbeak

Scrub Tanager

Blue-and-yellow Tanager

Sparkling Violetear

Saffron Finch

New and (needs to be) Improved

Because a list of bird names is only interesting to bird nerds like myself, I’ve revised my Bird List on here to include thumbnails of the birds I’ve photographed categorized by where I first saw them. The categories are Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico and USA. Canada and USA are broken down into provinces (BC, Newfoundland, Ontario, and Saskatchewan) and states (just Oregon so far).

So what did I discover doing this? Well, my photographs have come along way from when I first started this. But like I always say – a bad photo is better than no photo. I also realized that I need to update my photos. I know I have better shots of many of these birds now, but will have to go through my pics and find them. Sounds like a good winter project to me.

Anyway, if you’d like to check out the new section of my Bird List, it’s here.