Birding Backlog

Because of the chaos of 2014, I fell behind in updating my bird list. Today I went through a bunch of pictures and added nine birds to my list! I’m up to 140 now. Here are links to pictures (some good, some not so good but not so good still beats no picture at all!) of the newbies:

Dreaming the Future

I had a dream recently and it was so meaningful and so illuminating I just need to share it. Plus I want to be able to revisit whenever I need to, and I know I’ll need to.

Bill and I were cruising down the highway. As usual he was driving. We were talking and laughing and all of a sudden we were sailing off a cliff! Neither of us saw it coming. First I screamed but when I noticed Bill wasn’t screaming I looked over and he was asleep. I tried waking him up but he wouldn’t wake up. (I always tear up at this point.) In true dream-style, the descent went on for a long time. I was panicking because I didn’t know what was going to happen, but then a calm came over me as I realized there was nothing I could do about it. It was a Hollywood-rough landing on a paved road and we rolled into a town I had never seen before. Everything was new to me. I left Bill in the car and got out to see where we were. The rest of the dream is fuzzy but I know I met new people and they did things differently in this town. Somehow I knew this is where I would live now. I also knew it would take me some time to get used to this new place, but I felt certain that things were going to be okay.

Then I woke up. And cried.

Farewell to 2014

Despite what Facebook thinks – it was not a great year. So I’ll start my yearly review with the worst stuff:

  • My husband, Bill, died on October 5th. I miss him everyday. I’m having mixed feelings about the new year – I’m glad 2014 is over, and yet I’m sad to be leaving Bill behind in it.
  • Towards the end of November I had to have our dog, Shadow, put down. He had a fast growing cancer and as much as I hated to see him go, it was time. It would have been worse to see him suffer any longer.

But there were good things in the year:

  • In March, my picture book, Dear Flyary, won the Saskatchewan Book Award for Children’s Literature.
  • In February, I turned 55.
  • I got to go along on two Great Horned Owl banding excursions. Something new to me and very cool!
  • I participated in two Christmas Bird Counts this year. Great learning experiences.
  • I added some new birds to my list – or I should say, I have some new birds to add to my list. Soon. So much to do and so much time – a bad combination for me. :)
  • As of the start of this school year, I’m working in Pre-kindergarten all day now. I love working with the little ones. They aren’t embarrassed to be excited, and everything new is exciting. You can’t help but become more enthusiastic about life when you’re around them. I’ve been off since the end of September, but am looking forward to returning on Jan. 6th.
  • At the end of November, I hired a personal trainer to set up an exercise program for me. I’m mostly enjoying it (hate the elliptical, but it’s only once a week, thank goodness) and my winter coat is fitting a little less snuggly. The new Martensville Athletic Pavilion is a great facility, similar to Saskatoon’s Field House.

Thank you to all my friends who have shown me so much love and support this year. Here’s to more good things in 2015 for everyone and a Happier New Year!