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60 is not old, right?

To celebrate turning sixty, Dianne Young decided to spend the year doing 60 things she’d never done before. This is the story of her adventures–shaving her head, skydiving, visiting a nudist camp, and 57 other intriguing first-evers. It’s funny, it’s informative, and it might even inspire you to start your own list! Just don’t try haggis. Seriously. Just don’t.

Website Update #3

Here’s an update on the Dear Me: The Mother Letters book.

I am still very much committed to doing this book, however with the outbreak of the pandemic I do not think now would be an ideal time to release it. Much of the success (and by success, I mean breaking even) of my previous book, Dear Me: The Widow Letters, was due to the fact that I could get out and do public readings and promotion for the book. That would not be possible right now. But I do still have a plan:

  • I am not putting out an official call for more letters, but if there is anyone who is still interested in submitting a letter, it is not too late. I will accept letters until the end of this year. As before, the only stipulation is that at least one year has passed since the death of their child.
  • I am currently taking an online class on publishing ebooks, so will be be able to put Dear Me: The Mother Letters out in both print and digital formats.
  • My plan is to put out the ebook by the end of January, and then the print book out after that. (I’m not sure how long that takes, as we haven’t covered print-on-demand yet in the class.)
  • If your letter is chosen for inclusion, you will still receive $50 plus both an electronic and print copy of the book.
  • Truthfully, I can’t even read the letters right now to make a decision. I did read each one as they arrived and they are heartbreakingly beautiful. I just don’t think I can handle that level of emotion in this time of stress and isolation. I hope you understand. I know the bereaved mothers deal with it every day of their life, and I can only hope they are doing okay through these strange times.
  • I will, however, commit to making the decisions in the first week of January.

So, that’s the plan, anyway. I’m sorry it is taking so long. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me here.

Website Update #2

With the upcoming release of my newest book 60 Things: A Year To Remember, I decided to post all my 60things photos here on my website. Then I added the book to My Books, and seeing what a mishmash that page had become, I redid it.

Here’s a link to the photos: 60 things

And here’s a link to my books: My Books

And here’s the cover of my newest book! (designed by the amazing Olivia Swerhone-Wick)